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More commonly referred to as "Spirit Baths," these blends are part of ancient tradition. References to spiritual bathing can be found in any number of civilizations. Spirit Baths are a way of realigning the aura, cleansing it, blessing it, and drawing in your desires. To that end, it is recommended that one partakes of a Spirit Bath more than just once.


Each blend will arrive to you in a mason jar containing herbs, roots, and essential oils, *fixed* and blessed and prayed over by me. Each jar will contain enough bath blend for anywhere from 3 - 5 days or more. This depends on the type of blend or spell that is requested, and what Spirit advises when I perform divinations on your request. Because this is custom spellwork, I reserve the right to refuse ANY request as I see fit. IF your request is declined, you will receive a full refund. You will NOT receive a refund if you choose to change your mind or rescind your request.


Price includes ONE fixed mason jar, with instructions. Depending on the request, additional herbs and/or curios MAY come with the item. You MUST adhere to instructions! Failure to do so can limit the spell's effectiveness, even when prefixed and prayed over already. So READ and abide by instructions sent with your product!


You MUST describe your request in the fields below! I've provided 2 boxes at 500 characters each. If you run out of room, please email


PLEASE be as DETAILED and SPECIFIC as possible! The more information, the more specific the spell.

Custom Herbal Baths