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The name "Florida Water" may sound deceptive as this product is neither drinkable nor from Florida, but, deceptions is certainly NOT in this product's nature! 


In traditional Conjure households, Florida Water is an old recipe for cleansing, blessing, and protecting one's home, space, aura, energy, and magickal tools. Every Conjure family has their own recipe. This is mine. Each bottle is crafted by me with herbs, roots, and essential oils, and is prayed over and blessed by me for the purpose of cleansing, blessing, and protecting those who use it.


Florida Water can be used with your mop water, countertop cleansing products, or strained into a spray bottle for personal or home or office use. Additionally, Florida Water can be used to cast ritual circles, and cleanse/consecrat ritual tools.

Florida Water

  • 8oz

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