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Refunds and Return Policy

No Refunds, No Returns

By engaging in this site via a purchase or a service, you are agreeing that you shall not engage in thievery against Mambo Josy, Josy Smith or Healing Whispers or its subsidiaries, including chargebacks, payment reversals, and reposting of my work, written or otherwise, as your own. 

You understand that there are no refunds for any product or service and will not ask for any refunds for whatever reason as doing so would be constituted as stealing. You understand that in terms of any service, you are allotted a certain amount of time to be late. If you go over that allotted time which will be disclosed to you via your session, without warning, that you forfeit your session and you will not be provided any refunds. If you miss a service even for an emergency, you will NOT be provided a refund but a reschedule or you may just forfeit the session in its entirety. Under no circumstances, for any reason will refunds be provided and you agree to this when utilizing our service or product. 

You understand that in buying a product, there are no refunds. The products are handmade and so no refunds are possible. An exchange will only be allowed in the event that the product is damaged in shipping; with proof required. 


Consequences of Attempted Theft or Theft


You understand that by engaging with this site in any shape, form or fashion, which does include a purchase of any product or service that if you attempt to get the free advice or product for free via chargebacks, payment reversals or reposting or selling any of my work as your own, I reserve the right to press criminal charges not limited to: Theft of service, petty larceny, grand larceny, and/or any theft related charge found in your jurisdiction or mine, including any city, state or federal charges. I also reserve the right to come after you for all attorneys fees, court fees and any collection fees that I may incur due to coming after you for the above crimes either civilly and/or legally. 

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