We're here to meet you where you are, and grow with you

Divnation Session

with Mambo Josy

Experience a unique divination session that utilizes tarot and bones, to deliver more refined answers to your questions. Spirit led, and Mambo translated, Mambo Josy combines the messages of the Tarot with the refined details of the bones to deliver answers to your questions. Whether a general reading or a specific question, Mambo Josy works with her Spirit team, your Spirit team, and the energies of the Tarot and Bones to deliver the caring, gentle, “edge snatching” guidance you’re in search of.

Natal Chart Reading

with Mambo Josy

At the exact moment of your birth, your soul’s blueprint was stamped into the heavens and the stars. That stamp is the “Book of You.” Every theme, struggle, gift, challenge, and cycle can be found (and read) through your Natal Astrology Chart. Spirit led, and Mambo translated, Mambo Josy uses the “Western Placidus/Tropical” System to pick apart your Natal chart to its finest detail. Every topic from Soul’s Purpose, to magickal gifts, relationships, careers, personality, Shadow Work, and more is pulled out, highlighted, and broken down to give you the deepest understanding of who you are at a Soul level. Come experience a one of a kind “edge snatching” session that sets you in alignment with your true self.

Spiritual Mentorship

with Mambo Josy

Are you in the beginning stages of your journey, and finding yourself absolutely confused and overwhelmed by the whole wide world of information that’s out there? Do some things hit, others don’t, and you feel like it must be perfect before you even start? Are you not even sure if you’re “doing it right?” Or are you returning to your practice after a long hiatus, or feeling as if you’ve lost your way? Ever wish there was that ONE person who could just guide you, show you your road, and help you take those most important first steps? ALL OF THAT is what Mambo Josy’s mentorship offers. Spirit led, and Mambo translated, Mambo Josy’s mentorships work in accordance with your goals and are guided by divination, your Spirit team, and Mambo Josy’s Spirit team, to lead you down the path of Spiritual practice that was always designed for YOU. There are NO “stupid questions.” There are NO “judgments.” There exists only Mambo Josy’s desire to assist and see you as you spread your wings and soar into your journey.

Reiki Session

with Mambo Josy

Mambo Josy  combines Reiki energy with crystals, chakra oils, smudging herbs, and bi-nural beat music to treat your energy field in a unique and multi-faceted way. Client experiences vary from tremendous relaxation, to release of toxins, to dream states, and feelings of warmth, comfort, and peace.

Note:  Reiki session are IN PERSON only.