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Josetta Jenkins-Smith

Josetta is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, trained Hoodoo Practitioner, and passionate Natal Astrology chart reader. She is also the founding face of Healing Whispers.​

Josetta has been a practitioner for over 3 years. Her passion is wellness. When Spirit, and the ancestors, decided she was ready, the opportunity emerged to breathe life into the next level of her mission. Creating a co-working space for Integrated Wellness practitioners in the Capital Region.

For our clients and practitioners, Healing Whispers is about providing a buzzing beehive for all forms of Holistic and Integrated Wellness. Whether you're a new entrepreneur looking for a professional and affordable home to help you incubate your practice, or you're a seeker on your personal mind, body, spirit wellness journey, Healing Whispers offers something for everyone. We're here to meet you where you are, and grow with you.


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What is Reiki

Like a cup, or battery, our life force can run low. When that happens, it needs to be refilled/recharged. Reiki is a method of recharging our energy, bringing our "inner charge" to healthy levels.

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